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16. April 2017


Der amerikanische Sing- und Songwriter Sam Densmore hat mit seinem neuen Album „Heavy Mellow“ ein „Best-of“ seiner bisherigen Songs auf CD veröffentlicht. Seine warmen und gefühlvollen Songs – ein Mix aus Country, Folk, Rock und Soul – zeichnen sich besonders durch den persönlichen Stil des Ausnahmemusikers aus. Mit seinem Album ist er soeben auch mehrere Wochen durch Europa getourt.

Sam Densmore stand uns für ein Interview zur Verfügung und ob er so komponiert wie unser berühmter „Wolferl“ Mozart, welche Idole ihn zu einer Künstlerkarriere inspiriert haben und wie das europäische Publikum im Vergleich zum amerikanischen Publikum ist, gibt’s nun hier für Euch:

SCHiCK: With „Heavy Mellow“ you brought out a new CD. How do you feel when you hold the musical result in your hands?
I feel happy with this collections of songs. „Heavy Mellow“ is a compilation of songs from a few different albums. I picked my favorites.

SCHiCK: How to become a singer/songwriter? Is it just talend or can it be learnt.
SAM: I think it’s a combination. Some talk about ’song sense‘. I think that exists. Mostly it’s a desire to connect with and share feelings with the other people.

SCHiCK: From whom your got your talent to be a professional musician? Are there any idols?
SAM: There are musicians going back for generations in my mothers side. It’s in my genes. I have many musical influences – mostly rock ’n‘ roll. I also studied music in school. But, at this point when I write I think it’s more about making myself feel vulnerable, stepping out into the light with my darker thoughts or private thoughts. It’s a weird thrill that I keep coming back to. Pushing my own limits.

SCHiCK: When was your first contact with (Folk) music?
SAM: Probably Simon and Garfunkel. I liked how they created so much energy with such simple songs.

SCHiCK: In Austria we have the talented Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who wrote several compositions during wacky partys and played billard at the same time. In which way you create a composition or song? Are you alone in the quiet nature or do you need crazy people around you like Mozart?
SAM: My songwriting happens pretty randomly. It’s not a formulaic experience at all. I get inspired at the most inconvenient times!

SCHiCK: Your music is warm and inviting. Where do you find real inspiration for your songs?
SAM: I spend a lot of time alone and in my mind. Songwriting and performing have been ways for me to bridge the gap socially. My work keeps me going out and meeting people. Otherwise, I tend to be a loner which isn’t always good for my mental health.

SCHiCK: The release is also set to coincide with a solo acoustic tour through Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Are you satisfied with the European audience?
SAM: The audiences have been very receptive here! I’ve had a few encores and invited many sing-alongs from the crowds!

SCHiCK: Do you feel a difference between a performace on stage in the USA and in Europe?
SAM: I think I like being a stranger in a strange land. I’m a story teller onstage,  so being in Europe pushes me to refine my show and my delivery – because there’s somewhat of a language barrier, I can’t speak to fast or over complicate my stories or I lose the crowd.

SCHiCK: What’s your personal favourite song of your latest album and why?
SAM: That’s tough. I think „Wide Eyed Tripper“ is my favorite though.

SCHiCK: Describe in three words what the audience in Austria will expect from your „Heavy Mellow by Sam Densmore Europe Tour“?
SAM: Songs with soul.

SCHiCK bedankt sich recht herzlich für das tolle Interview mit Sam Densmore. Wir können euch sein neusten „Best of“-Album „Heavy Mellow“ nur wärmstens empfehlen und ans Herz legen. Hört doch auch gleich in Sams Liebslingssong „Wide Eyed Tripper“ rein (Youtube Video).

[su_youtube url=“″ width=“1420″ height=“600″] [/su_youtube]

Das neue Album „HEAVY MELLOW“ ist ab sofort erhätlich!

Hörproben zur CD gibt’s auf folgenden Kanälen von Sam Densmore:


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